The treasures of the Caliman Mountains

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With the arrival of spring, I thought  to recommend you a gorgeous place in the north of the country, especially for the lovers of mountain travel. So let me tell you how it was for me in Calimani National Park from Romania.

Wishing to go on at least one trip on the mountain, I remembered that place where I was at 7 year old. I was really enchanted by Calimani Mountains. I remember  how excited I was when my dad told me that we would go on a trip there. Until that age, I had heard many stories about that unique place in the world. In most of them, it was described as a corner of heaven, a place that takes your breath away, which is why I wanted to go there one day . So… just imagine what joy can exist in the soul of a little child when his dream comes true, especially when he doesn`t expected. We had just begun to get closer to the Calimani Mountains and I was already excited about the viwes. The more we climb, the more I the more I thought we were getting closer to the clouds. Everything seemed like a fairy tale world and I could not believe that can exist such a wonderful place. So last summer I went again there and I want to tell you that I was as impressed as the first time.

I went to Lake Iezer Călimani Lake. If you didn`t know, Calimani National Park is unique in the world because of its relief, flora, fauna and its climate and it is made up of volcanic mountains. It has a unique vegetation in Europe represented by junipes and junipers.

One of the place I saw was Iezer lake, a natural dam lake, where we could see rare flora species, including mountain peony.

Another place I saw was the great Sulfur Career, a place whose history was probably forgotten. Unfortunately, it distroyed the mountain and affected  some formations of a special uniqueness. The exploitation of sulfur in the Calimani Mountains began in 1969 and ended in 1997. It had thousands of workers, so there was built a town at nearly  2000 m, consisting of blocks, a canteen, a grocery and even a dispensary. That’s how 8,000 people became to live there. Because of economic losses, it was closed, but it left a huge footprint on nature.

Besides the time spent with loved ones, the wonderful landscapes have perfectly completed this trip. It’s a place that’s worth seeing at least once in a lifetime, and if you’re not too excited about hiking, don`t worry …I have a great news for you…you can go there easily even by car. Also, if you want to stay for several days, you can stay at Weather Station Chalet.



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