Colorful umbrellas on Victoriei Avenue

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After the visit to the Palace of Parliament, I took a walk on Calea Victoriei (Victory Avenue).So let me tell you how the walk took place on the most famous street in Bucharest. Arriving at the University, we went to the location of some of the most important historic buildings. First we passed by Capșa Hotel and I remembered the story behind the café. In 1852 the confectionery “Two Brothers, Anton and Vasile Capșa” was opened, and in 1886 it became a famous café, frequented by the most important personalities of the time, culture people, artists, politicians, but also by the most distinguished ladies of the capital.


If you are passionate about theater plays, you can stop at Odeon Theater where you can see the performances of actors such as Pavel Bartos, Alexandru Papadopol, Elvira Deatcu, Gheorghe Visu and many others.

And if you worry that kids might get bored, stay calm … There are enough places to attract their attention, including the colorful umbrellas. (I saw a little child who was trying to catch them:)) )

After we passed the Royal Palace from the Revolution Square, we arrived the Romanian Athenaeum, where you can discover various concerts and events.

Last but not least, we visited two absolutely beautiful museums: the Museum of Art Collections  andThe National Museum “George Enescu”. We also admired the amazing architecture of The National Museum “George Enescu”, being one of the most beautiful buildings in Bucharest.


PS: For more details about Odeon Theater, you can access the following link:

Entrance fees for  The National Museum “George Enescu”

  • adults: 6 lei per person;
  • senior citizens: 3 lei
  • students: 1,5 lei

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