Thinking about sunny days of summer

I don`t know how you are, but for a few days I’m thinking about the days spent on the seashore. Do you know the moment when you would like to go back to the past for a few seconds and relive some memories? If your answer is yes, then it means that we are on the same movie and maybe you want to be in this wonderful place too. 


I`m that kind of person who could spend all the summer at the sea and it wouldn`t be enough . So, last summer I spent a lot of time on the Romanian seaside with my loved ones.  Most of the time, I chose Eforie Nord. 




One day, we decided to take a walk to Eforie Sud. I really recommend you to take such walks because thet are relaxing and you may  discover new places. (Attention! between Eforie Nord and Eforie Sud is a beach of nudists :)) ) . 

After the little adventure, the delicious donuts and the famous anchovies completed the day. 







I always wanted to see the sunrise, but I never managed to wake up. Until the last night on the Romanian seaside when … finally I decided. (I only laugh when I am thinking how I did. Just imagine… I… standing by the seashore with some people, when i suddenly got up and I said: “Enough! Tomorrow I am going to the sunrise whether you come with me or not and nothing can stop me”. Some stranger around me were scared when they saw me. They really thought that something happened to me for a few seconds until they realized that I was just excited.) When I arrived at the hotel room, I set my alarm and I went to sleep, but the impatience didn`t let me sleep. Finally, I managed to fall asleep, and in the morning I rushed to the seashore. When I arrived there I couldn`t wait to admire the beginning of a new day,  waiting for the sun to appear from the waves of the sea. After a few minutes the sun appeared and it was a true delight… 



 I left you a small souvenir (some shells) in the picture above 🙂


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